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Winning Government Contracts: The U.S. government is the largest consumer of products and services in the world! Over $150 billion in government dollars is awarded to small and medium sized businesses every year, resulting in huge opportunities for those that know how to capture that business.
• What is the opportunity?
• Why would we want to bid it?
• Who is the customer?
• Why would the customer want us?
• Who is the competition?
• What are the risks?
• What is our plan to proceed?

Carter Thomas

Proposals Plus LLC is led by Mr. Carter Thomas. Mr. Thomas has more than 15 years experience as a Proposal Manager for a major Fortune 500 company. He is proficient in all types of solicitations and interfacing with Government Contracting Executives and briefing Executive Management.

Carter Thomas is a graduate of the United States Military Academy. During twenty years of service he served overseas, in combat, in parachute and Ranger organizations, and retired after a final tour in the Pentagon as a Lieutenant Colonel. Mr. Thomas’ past experience includes command, staff, supervisory, project management, program management, and analytical positions.

Mr. Thomas' experience and professionalism is complimented by a team of highly trained and Successful Capture and Proposal Managers who possess simliar experience and understanding of Program Capture Life Cycle.

Capture Planning Services: Winning proposals require extensive and detailed Capture activities. A good Capture Plan ensures you have a high win percentage

Proposal Planning Services: We ensure that you have everything needed to begin the proposal development process

Proposal Development Services: We ensure that you don't miss anything and that your proposals are technically acceptable

Post Submittal Services: The job doesn't end once the proposal is submitted!

Proposals Plus, LLC is a Texas based small business with Leadership that has served Military and Commercial entities for over 30 years.

Proposals Plus provides Capture Planning Services as well as Proposal Planning Services, Proposal Development Services, and Post Proposal Submittal Services. Additionally, we can assist companies in developing a repeatable and auditable Bid and Proposal process that is suitable of ISO or CMMI certification. Our Bid and Proposal Process comes with all necessary templates and training necessary